Corral your stray data.

We Measure It, So You Can Improve It

We enable businesses to improve internal processes, measure marketing impact, and capitalize on trends by leveraging the data they generate and consume.

We Hate to See Good Data Go to Waste

With the immense value it offers, we aim to convert underutilized, often burdensome business data into an asset.

We Have a Knack for Complexity

Modern businesses of every size commonly interact with data across multiple isolated tools and platforms. Founded on the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, we welcome the challenge of corralling stray data to generate insights that cannot be captured from any single dataset.

What we do

We follow a four step process to corral stray data and provide your business with valuable insights.


Lassometrics works with your business to survey data, taking sources, logging practices, and storage platforms into account.


We then consolidate your data, moving it from isolated tools and platforms to a central data store.


With your data consolidated, we develop custom dashboards and reports that provide you with the insights you need to monitor and improve your business operations.


As your business grows and changes, Lassometrics will explore your data, looking for new patterns and answering lingering questions.

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